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Anyone interested in reptiles and amphibians will find ample reliable information concerning vivaria and herpetology on the Podarcis site.

Have a look at our showpiece, the webzine or electronic journal This new and unique publication is presented in English (and Dutch) and available only through the Internet. This periodical contains articles on reproduction, behaviour and ecology of reptiles and amphibians, technology related to keeping and breeding these fascinating animals, and publishes the results of herpetological fieldwork.

We also offer advice and recommendations from experienced breeders concerning the proper care of various categories of reptiles and amphibians (in the section entitled Information), a forum for all your questions concerning this hobby (see Discussions), and a marketplace for books, animals or terrarium paraphernalia (see Supply & Demand). We offer a worldwide forum for authors, readers, breeders, and anyone else attracted to herpetology.

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FRANZ LEYDIG (1872) Die in Deutschland lebenden Arten der Saurier